Youth Club / Pavilion Change Of Use Application

The New Youth Club Building Project As you may be aware Grindleford Youth Club moved to Bishop Pavilion from the old youth club building in September of last year. Since then it has gone from strength to strength with the help of Michele, Yvonne and many parents. The trustees of the youth club building have for many years been of the opinion that the best location for the youth club is at Bishop Pavilion. This has the advantage of easy access to the playing fields and hard court area. Making it a safer environment for our young people. To ensure a permanent move to Bishop Pavilion the Youth Club Trustees and the Playing fields committee have agreed to sell the old youth club building on Sir William Hill and use the money to build a new Youth Club extension onto Bishops Pavilion. The building will also provide additional community space for the whole village. The starting point of the project is getting ‘change of use’ from a youth club to a private dwelling, thus enabling us to sell the building. Our application went into the Peak Park Planning Authority a few weeks ago, ref NP/DDD/0314/0251. Can I ask that as many people as possible go onto the Peak Park Planning website and support our application. End of consultation period is 25th April. The Playing Fields Committee will be forming a Sub-committee to take this project forward and in conjunction with the Youth Club and other potential users be involved in the design of the new extension.