Your Village Needs Cake

As part of the drive to get new folk to use the shop when it opens on June 14th, we are trying to get ourselves onto the cycle routes as one of the places cyclists stop off at for a cuppa for setting off up a hill.  One of our ideas to make this happen is offer free cake on opening day.  At a recent cycling event every cyclist’s ears went up at this suggestion and they really liked the idea!

Trouble is we now have to deliver and I was wondering if I could prevail upon people to make us some cake.  A la Gallop, it can come pre-frozen (in which case could it be individually wrapped) or else fresh on the day.  I know this is cake season and you are probably groaning under the load, but we would be very grateful.

The good news is, it is at the start of carnival week so if we have any left we can just pass it on to sports day and the other events.

Thank you very much indeed in advance for helping us out.

Could you let me (Sarah) know ( how many bits you might be able to do for us?

Very many thanks

Sarah Batterbee, chair of the Village Shop Committee