Welcome to the Grindleford website

The site is maintained by a group of dedicated residents who welcome your input, help and comments. It is likely to take a while to reach the stage where everything that should be on the site is actually represented, so please let us know if something is missing. We hope to have the full version of the site up and running in the new year. We hope that the new site will successfully work alongside and compliment the Grindleford News, helping to bring our village community together, as well providing up-to-the-minute information. We hope to include electronic versions of the newsletter as well as minutes of any village meetings, and will also send out e-newsletters in addition to the paper version, with reminders of important village events, to those who sign up. It’s all done voluntarily and there is a very small cost to hosting the site. If you think it’s doing a good job and want contribute – be it with content, time or pennies, please get in touch. If you want to be kept informed of events and other such important news, you’ll be able to subscribe to a newsletter soon (we’ll keep your address private) and / or check out the Facebook page right now.