Village Shop – Volulnteer Info

1. Volunteer Training Sessions

There will be two volunteer training sessions to train the team in a few vital things. It shouldn’t take long and the upside is that we will be holding the sessions in the Sir William so we can get a beer at the same time. GCS Ltd have organised two sessions, on different nights:

Tuesday 3 June at 7.30

Wednesday 11 June at 7.30

If you can’t sort out childcare, don’t worry bring them along! They will be recruited…

If you really, really can’t make either of those dates then please let Sarah Battarbee ( know and we will get a mop-up session organised to suit you as a group. Unfortunately our lovely volunteers won’t be able to start behind the shop counter until they have attended a training session – sorry – but that’s the way the law is organised.

At the training session you will be given your own handbook which takes you through everything you need to know (do not be alarmed ladies and gentlemen – it’s not very complicated!). A hard copy of the handbook will also be in the shop at all times for you to refer to.

There will on-the-job training, and on-the-job refresher training, for the bits you can’t remember! To start with we will all be in this together so no doubt we will have some thrills and spills along the way. All part of the fun. We strongly suspect that a sense of humour might be the most important thing you can bring with you!

2. Volunteer Painters & Decorators Required this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to help get the shop ready for opening day!

Please give Sarah (07753 134 633) or Alan (07770 828263) a call beforehand or email so we know who is coming. Paint will be provided but if you have your own brush and dust sheets, that would be very helpful. There will be some more painting/varnishing after that so let us know if you are keen but not available this week during the day. We can organise some evening sessions if anyone is really keen!

If you haven’t put your name down for volunteering, but would like to do so, or would simply like to know a little more, then please email Sarah on the above address.