Village shop now open 7 days

Great news!  As you may have read, Vince and Ila have decided to open the shop seven days a week from now on, so there’s no excuse not to drop by on a regular basis for fresh bread, milk etc, tasty deli stuff (try the Hunter’s pie!) as well as all those everyday items you’ve run out of, not to mention coffee and cakes with your friends.

In addition, a limited number of newspapers will be available any day of the week, so if you want to guarantee the one you prefer, just put in an order as I have and it’ll be put on one side for you.

Opening hours are currently 9-5 weekdays, 9-4 Saturday and 10-4 Sunday, but do check the notice on the door.

It’s been said before, but if we value this friendly local service and the opportunity for bumping into your friends and having a chat, we must ALL use it, or we shall surely lose it.  And if we do use it, there’s a good chance of regaining our local Post office as well and bringing more even more life back into the village.