Village Play Area Update

Following recent discussions on the village Facebook page regarding the play area here is an update of where things stand.

At the moment the priority is to get the equipment through the RoSPA inspection in September, date to be confirmed (here is a report from July explaining the RoSPA issue). This should then allow the play area to be opened and covered by Grindleford Playing Field Association insurance. Work to the rocking horse will not be complete but it is hoped that all other repairs and refurbishments will be sufficient for RoSPA’s approval.  Weeding the climbing area and matting for the swing and slide areas should be completed this Saturday by a playing fields working group. Painting will also soon be finished and repairs to the slide are scheduled.

Independently of one another the GPFA and village residents appear to have both concluded that the best way forward beyond the above repairs and making good of what we have, is to form a sub committee / group to consult, decide on and raise funds for a proper upgrade to the area. To that end, if you are interested in being involved in such a project please email the GPFA secretary, Steve Benn.