Tree Planting Update

Hot on the heels of ( nearly ) completing Projects 2 and 3 behind the MUGA ( 2 more alder to relocate tomorrow) we are planning an exciting new project in collaboration with the National Trust Longshaw Estate at Oxhay Woods , Project 4.

We are inviting you to join the Grindleford Tree Planting Group for Padley Tree Planting Day. We will be planting 5-year-old trees at the edge of Oxhay Woods beyond Upper Padley. The aim is to plant native trees sparsely to promote biodiversity.

As the area is grazed by deer we have decided to plant five year old native trees and protect them with sturdy cylinder shaped guards made with wire netting and wood. We will be planting oak, rowan and hazel. These will be sparsely planted to allow them to grow to natural maturity in both size and age.We will be learning how to construct deer proof protections by using wire and wood.

 We have collected donations amounting to £400. Each tree and it’s guard costs around £25. Donations for future planting to extend this project would be welcome.

We are beginning the project by planting 15 trees on Saturday 11th December at 10.30 onwards.

We will be led by Chris Millner, National Trust Area Ranger for Longshaw. 

Chris will give us an introduction to the area, the wildlife we hope to attract by sparse tree planting at the margins of woodland, and safety measures.  We will also discuss future maintenance of the new trees. 

Chris will provide all the tools and materials we need  to know who is coming. 

We plan to meet up at 10:30am on December 11th at the 5 grinding stones on the track that runs past Padley Chapel.

Directions: walk up the track past Padley Chapel, up the hill and through the gate by the last house. Keep walking and go through two more gates by the farmhouse. Look out for 5 grinding stones lying on the right side of the track.

When we have all gathered by the 5 grinding stones, we will walk up the hill across the meadow to reach the open ground by Oxhay Wood which is the planting site.

Please ensure that you only come if you are well and have a negative lateral flow test on the day.

Do bring your own food and drink.

Please wear appropriate warm clothes and sturdy footwear.

If you would like to come please contact either Sarah Cook on 07929 846589


Our aim is to plant trees to enhance our local habitats; to provide more wildlife corridors in the village that in turn attracts insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals; to make an effort to address climate change at a very local level; perhaps to help prevent flooding; and  to bring people together to learn about and care for our environment and to have a good time!