Tree Planting Update

Tree Planting Update

Well, what a lovely weekend , we planted 800 new trees in Grindleford over four days!Twenty-two villagers came along to help, our biggest turnout yet. Thanks.Many thanks to the core GTPG Team 🌳We also had people coming along interested in what we were doing and all were enthusiastic.

As you know, we have been trying to create some more wildlife corridors in the village by planting mixed native trees as hedging.Over the weekend we extended the hedging, again mixed natives ( oak, beech, silver birch, hazel, hawthorn and alder) along the fence from the fishermen’s hut towards the cricket field boundary fence. We also planted some interesting plots behind the Multi Use Games Area (MUGA). A stand of silver birch ; an arc of spindleberry ( please look it up, very interesting!); two areas of aspen surrounded by goat willow then surrounded by hazel; a low hedge of hawthorn, dog rose, alder and hazel around a wet ditch; and a secret enclosed space encircled by rowan and hazel where we plan to site some benches for you all to come and sit and listen to the birds and soak up the nature. We are going to see what wild flowers emerge in the open areas and we will cut some paths through and around these areas so that everyone can enjoy them. We also plan to enhance the wet ditch area in the autumn to encourage insects, dragonflies, frogs, toads, newts and maybe water voles.I think it will be great in just a few years’ time; but already it is a lovely spot with lots of birdsong.

We will continue to maintain the area in collaboration with the Playing Fields Committee to whom we are very grateful for their permission and encouragement to undertake this project.Many thanks to The Conservation Volunteers who gave us really excellent trees to plant along with guards and canes.Please come and have a look!
Take carePaul

Grindleford Tree Planting Group: our aim is to plant trees to enhance our local habitats; to provide more wildlife corridors in the village that in turn attracts insects, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals; to make an effort to address climate change at a local level; perhaps to help prevent flooding; and to bring people together to learn about and care for our environment and to have a good time!

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