Grindleford Parish Council is keen to address the traffic issues we all experience in the village. Safety is, of course, the primary concern, but an increasing problem is the way in which traffic movements affect – indeed invade – our lives.

We hope very much that you have found time (and interest) to fill in the Grindleford Traffic Survey. The resulting data from these surveys will strongly influence the Parish Council’s ability to manage change.

At the time of writing, Derbyshire County Council’s intervention on county-wide speeding is to put controlling measures in place only when fatalities reach a defined number.

We all know that this approach denies life-saving action and that prevention is safer, reduces costs and protects the most vulnerable.

We are hoping to challenge the DCC’s out-dated and perilous policy so we’re asking the residents to help us to do this.

The intention is to gather reports on ‘near misses’, bad driving behaviour, dangerous and inconsiderate parking and speeding (where possible). Any reports will be welcome: photographs or webcam footage would be immensely helpful, but verbal accounts are equally valuable. All can be done anonymously if preferred.

We know it’s an added layer of commitment when we just want to breathe a sigh of relief at having avoided a near miss, or have a good moan about selfish drivers but if the inconvenience of reporting these incidents results in changed behaviour, it’s win-win for all of us.

Please send reports/photos/videos to:

The Clerk to Grindleford Parish Council

or to any Grindleford Parish Councillor or deliver to the Community Shop

And finally – please help us to support Grindleford by filling in the Traffic Survey

Thanks to you all.

Grindleford Traffic Group

April 2021