Theft of Landrover Parts

Thought it would be a good idea to spread the word about what has happened to my company vehicle…..

i drive at work a land rover defender 4 door crew cab vehicle and bring it home each evening.

I parked it as normal on good f Friday at the side of my garage and woke up Saturday morning to find that it had had its bonnet and all 4 doors stolen, please see attached photo.

 I also had a battery drill and charger stolen, who ever did it did not take a sat nav, laptop, high quality lamps, head torches and various electrical items which were all on show, they also did not attempt to get into the back box of the land rover where other tools a were stored.

as the police told me it is probably a gang who are specifically after vehicle parts as they are easier to take than a vehicle itself, the officer also said that another Landrover had had its doors stolen the same night. a police unit sits up at the fox house most evenings after ten o clock checking out 4×4 vehicles.

i have since found out that a Severn Trent Landrover in Stony Middleton had the same done to it only 4 weeks ago and that a brand new land rover was stolen from Eyam recently.

please feel free to forward this mail on to friends, neighbors and work colleagues just to make them aware and a little more vigilant of what is happening out there……