Stoke Hall Quarry

Stancliffe Stone (Marshalls) have now submitted an amendment to their planning application for importing stone to Stoke Hall Quarry, I asked the planners at the PDNPA to inform everyone who has made representations, but they refused to. You can see the amendment on the PDNPA’s website ( It is the revised Unilateral Undertaking.
Stancliffe now propose to limit the total number of HGV movements to a maximum of 10 a day (5 in and 5 out of the quarry), Monday to Friday, and with a maximum of 36 movements a week. Of these 10, a maximum of 6 each day (3 in and 3 out) can be associated with imported stone. This still means that 60% of the lorries could be carrying imported stone, rather than stone quarried on site. There is no mention of any local employment, nor of which routes the HGV’s would take
The amendment will be advertised, in the Peak Advertiser and via the yellow site notices. If you want to make representations about the amendment, you will have to make new ones (unfortunately) but it is important that we continue to let the planners know what the village thinks.
Peter O’Brien (Parish Councillor)