Stoke Hall Quarry – Planning Application is Withdrawn!

Stoke Hall Quarry – Planning Application is Withdrawn!
Great news for all of us in Grindleford and Stoke – the planning application to allow the processing of imported stone at Stoke Hall Quarry has been withdrawn. And Marshalls have also abandoned their appeal against the Enforcement Notice, which prevents them undertaking any processing. The Company say they are aware of the widespread concern and anxiety which their proposals have created. So well done to everyone who wrote in letters or emails of objection.
In the meantime, Marshalls say they will continue to work stone from the quarry “on a periodic basis”, which their planning permission allows them to do.
We do need to stay vigilant however. Marshalls tell me that that they are working to “identify a preferred strategy for the site”, and that “all options are being considered, including alternative development”.
I will keep everyone updated on the situation
Peter O’Brien (Parish Councillor)