Riverside Discussion

We received this email yesterday and thought it deserved a wider audience.

Hello all

Some people in the village have been discussing with the Waltonian Angling Club how we can keep the river bank healthy. The Chairman of the club is Con Meaney and he has already carried out some work in conjunction with our allotment group.

We have organised an informal meeting to widen the discussion. It Takes place on the 18th June 19.30 in the back room of the Grouse. Con has organised for a couple of his members to come along and talk about invasive species, river entomology, etc

I have sent this e mail to a wide group of residents so if you are interested please come along and spread the word. I think it will be a fascinating couple of hours.

Apologies if you have had a similar e mail via the allotment group but the more the merrier!

Give me a ring if you would like to chat about the meeting on 01433 631012.

Esther Stewart