Playground Situation

Until we have a RoSPA inspection our insurers will not give us public liability cover and hence, in the case of an accident, liability would potentially fall with the Grindleford Playing Field Committee trustees.

GPFC have been in correspondence with RoSPA who have quoted £395 plus VAT for inspecting in July. The next time that they are scheduled to be in the Derbyshire area is September and the cost would be £68.50 plus VAT based on the normal annual cost. Interestingly GPFC were quoted a cost of £232 plus VAT for a July cost in May, and have been back to RoSPA to query the variance in quotations but they are adamant that the cost of £395 plus VAT will apply.

Further to the above even if we did have insurance cover the opening of play areas is not straight forward and would require a management plan and restrictions imposed on users. Some but not all would include:

  • Do not use if you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19
  • Use hand sanitiser after playing on the equipment
  • Do not touch your face or mouth while on the playground
  • Children must be supervised at all times, one adult one child
  • Please stick to social distancing guidelines
  • Consider coming back if the playground is busy 

This guidance is designed to provide users of playgrounds with practical advice so they are able to use the equipment in a way that is safe and minimises Covid-19 transmission risk.

In addition, the Government guidelines also recommends that users wipe touch points such as swing rockers, see-saws, machine handles or exercise bars, before use. 

Parents should bring their own hand sanitiser gel or wipes to clean their children’s hands and are advised that the consumption of food or drink on play equipment or in the playground area is banned.

For reasons such as the above opening the playground would not be an easy decision and is the reason a number of playgrounds did not open on the 4th July.

Due to the high cost quoted by RoSPA  GPFC is looking at other alternatives but there is no guarantee that the insurers will accept an alternative. It will be discussed at the next GPFC meeting on July 16th.