More Rail Plans Info

Just had this sent to me by a few folk so thought I would post on the website:


Some of you may be aware and some maybe some not. Network Rail are planning major works to widen the railway between Grindleford & Hathersage. The current proposal will have a massive impact on the Greenwood, Kettlewood and Rough Wood areas and will significantly affect those who live in, use and enjoy this beautiful, much loved place.

Here are a few key facts to give you an idea:

-There will be a compound/ workers car park, six times the area of the Millstone Car Park, at the top of Greenwood lane and opposite Whim Cottage.

– Greenwood track from Sheffield Rd to the railway footbridge below Barnet wood (nr Padley) will be replaced with a two-lane tarmaced road.

-A very large area behind Kettle House and another in the middle of Rough Wood will be ripped up to make compounds and facilities for workers.

-The Scoping Report describes temporary(?!) loss of walls, hedges and mature woodland during the construction phase.

-The works are planned to begin in summer and continue in to early 2018: over 18 months of inconvenience.

-The footpath from Kettle House to the other side of Rough Wood will be closed during this period.

-The proposed widened railway will permanently remove large areas of National Trust woodland and lay within only a very few metres of Kettle House itself.

Follow the link below and see the map in appendix C attached. It will take a little while to read but this is right on our doorstep.

Please also consider that the “improved” rail line will not at all serve or benefit the Hope Valley. It will however allow the trains that run through it to be faster and more frequent!

You can lodge an objection (and have a week or so left to do this) by clicking on “Tell us what you think about our plans”.

Consultation event is at Maynard Arms in Grindleford on Tuesday 10 December. It runs from 3.00pm – 7.00pm. Have your say. We don’t have to accept this.