Grindleford Gangers

The Grindleford Gangers

The Gangers are a group of volunteers who mow the grass around the play equipment behind the pavilion. With the bumps and hollows on the play area the job has its challenges but with our latest Husqvarna petrol mower we enjoy a couple of hours producing a smooth green sward that we hope will match the immaculate cricket pitch. With 15 volunteers our duties come around only twice a year, weather permitting, and all members look forward eagerly to their turn behind the powerful machine (really!) The only thing missing is suitable music being broadcast into the earmuffs that need to be worn in the presence of such a beast.

Last year our efforts were curtailed by the wet; this year we are off to a late start since, although an excellent machine, the Husqvarna is no snowplough. To add to the pleasure of being a “Grindleford Ganger” we usually take time off at the beginning of the year to reminisce at our annual dinner, usually wondering where all the shed keys have gone.

Rota organiser: Frank Galbraith