Kids Munro Challenge Baking Extravaganza

Some of the kids in the village are doing a virtual running club during lockdown. A few weeks ago they were challenged to run the height of a Munro (3,000feet or 914m). I said that if they did it over a week I’d make them some brownies, but that if anybody could do it in a day I’d bake them a cake.

The following morning there was a ping on the group’s WhatsApp thread at 8.30am with a photo of a beaming 7 year old at the top of The Beast, a Strava segment starting in the village and finishing 2.5km later on White Edge, 245m higher up. The caption was ominous from a baking perspective. It read ‘One down…’

By the end of the week 9 of them had done it in a day including a six year old who is now inspired to run everywhere she goes, especially up hills! It’s approximately 21km when you factor in getting to the bottom of the hill and home again afterwards. An absolutely amazing achievement by all all of them!

So Wednesday was baking day. It took me longer to bake the cakes than it did to do the run!