“Industrialisation” of Stoke Quarry

“Industrialisation” of Stoke Quarry

We would like to draw your attention to Planning Application NP/DDD/1118/1052 by Stancliffe Stone ( part of the national Marshalls Group) for the importation of stone for processing at Stoke Hall Quarry. This is described in the planning proposal as a “Major Development” and a potential departure from the Local Plan.

A previous application for retrospective permission  to retain two wire saws and to import stone was opposed by local residents and a petition containing 300 objectors was submitted. The application was withdrawn.

The quarry had been importing stone for processing on site without planning permission to do so and that had lead to a substantial increase in HGV’s journeys through the Hope Valley and our village.The bulk of those journeys were to allow Stancliffe Stone to fulfil a lucrative contract to supply stone (not quarried at Stoke Hall Quarry) for the Bloomberg HQ in London. Commercial considerations outweighed the fact that there was no permission to import and process stone at Stoke Hall Quarry.

A fresh application has now been lodged to which we ask you to object to what is the  industrialisation of the site and increased HGV traffic in our village.The time limit for objections is the 30th December 2018.

On the 30th June 2018 the Peak Park Enforcement Notice came into effect requiring the quarry to cease the importation of stone on to the site. The grounds of that Notice mirror the genuine concerns we have about this reposed development, namely the Peak Park have found the

following :-

  1. The current use for importation, processing and storage of stone is without planning permission.
  2. The development is incompatible with the Peak Park’s duties of conservation and enhancing the landscape, wildlife and cultural heritage.The unauthorised development has a detrimental impact upon the amenity value of the rural area.
  3. The site is an inappropriate location for this type of development.
  4. This unauthorised change of use has lead to “increased industrialisation of the site and has a detrimental effect upon the character, amenity and enjoyment of the locality.
  5. The vehicle access to the quarry is substandard and is unsafe and unsuitable.
  6. There is no justification for the intensified use of the site.
  7. There is no justified need for the development which outweighs the harm to the National Park and specifically this sensitive location.
  8. The Enforcement Notice is to prevent a development which “would continue uncontrolled and unmitigated.”

This major development impacts upon the residents of Grindleford and the surrounding area as stone is brought in. Previous objections have been supported by the CPRE and the British Mountaineering Council. Please object via the online PDNP Planning Website- https://pam.peakdistrict.gov.uk/

The local voice needs to be heard once again loud and clear please take action now.If allowed this application has long term ramifications for what the PDNP describe as industrialisation of this site and if granted it will be impossible to reverse.