Highlighting the imminent Traffic Survey

Easter is imminent, six of us can celebrate outdoors come rain or blizzard – or
unexpected sunshine and we’ll soon be back to super-sleek bobs and cool comb-overs.
Meanwhile, for Grindlefordians, the excitement abounds. Along with the eagerly
anticipated Grindleford News, with its hot local topics, for every household there is also
a Residents’ Traffic Survey to complete……
We may be close to the epicentre of distance from the coast but there is a sea-change
affecting Derbyshire. Increasingly, residents of towns and villages are disaffected by the
dominance of traffic affecting our quality of life, our safety and our communities. Often
our living spaces are subject to large volumes of traffic, speeding, massive influxes into
‘honey pot’ tourist spots and through routes by commercial vehicles. In addition, there
is the risk to children and vulnerable road users, the pollution, the noise and the anxiety
of many pedestrians and cyclists to consider. Roads rule – and it’s not ok!
Although we welcome visitors, we are sadly often vulnerable to the few who disrespect
our homes and neighbourhoods by speeding, inconsiderate parking, thoughtlessness
and discourteous behaviour. The aim is to remain sharing but to motivate more caring.
There is a groundswell of support for the ‘20’s plenty’ movement. Here is some brief
In the UK, 21 million people (or 1 in 3 of the population) live in places where their
council has decided that adopting a default speed of 20mph makes streets better
places to live.
Seven out of 10 people consistently say they support 20mph speed limits in residential
streets. Once installed, 20mph schemes become even more popular and are never
20mph is Government policy: the UK signed the Stockholm Declaration with 130 other
nations, agreeing on a default 20mph limit wherever cyclists and pedestrians mix with
motor vehicles.
For more information visit: www.20splenty.org
The Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner fully supports the introduction of
20mph limits. Currently Derbyshire County Council does not. But it could be ‘all change’
after the May 6th local elections.
Traffic challenges and problems are obviously individual to each village. Ours in
Grindleford depend particularly on specific geographic locations, from the density of
parking in the centre of the village to visitors up at Longshaw/Padley Gorge to
consistent speeding and speed-track racing in the 40mph and 50mph area south of the
village. But wherever we live in the vicinity, we all use the roads as drivers, pedestrians,
child carers, cyclists, dog-walkers or via public transport – and we can all call on our
Consequently, the Parish Council really wants your completed Surveys then we can
accurately assess Grindleford’s needs and expectations. The pandemic has evoked
such a community spirit in the village and we hope that we may pursue this credit to
encourage the rather tedious task of filling in the Survey! Your responses, views and
added comments are welcome and important as they will inform how we can best
effect changes to improve our environment.