Grindleford Tree Planting Group (GTPG) – Update

Grindleford Tree Planting Group (GTPG)

Grindleford tree planting group was formed in response to Hope Valley Climate Action, in those days before we were first locked down and has continued to meet virtually since then. Our aim is to bring community members and groups together to increase the number of native species of trees and hedges in the village – hopefully at least one tree for every Grindleford resident. Some of you may have seen the National Countryfile project which aims to see a tree planted for every child starting school this year – we will add our planting projects into their total.

Together we can help to tackle the Climate Crisis, increase biodiversity and increase our awareness of native trees, what to plant where and how to look after our trees in the long term.

Projects so far

We are excited to report that great progress has been made with projects one and two:

  • PROJECT 1: Top of the bonfire field behind the wall. Many thanks to the Grindleford Playing Fields Association for giving permission for this project. We look forward to liaising with you further. This project  will consist of 280 mixed hedgerow trees and shrubs for all year round interest (hawthorn, blackthorn, rowan, holly and dog-rose). Funding has been agreed by the Woodland Trust and we await the arrival of the trees, likely to be mid-March 2021.  We are working on a plan for the practicalities of initial preparation of the plot, safe planting organisation and on-going maintenance and are delighted that groups have already responded with enthusiasm – Grindleford Primary school, pre-school, the Horticultural Society and the Allotments Society.


  • PROJECT 2: This will follow on from project one in Autumn 2021. We are working with the National Trust at Longshaw to plant trees in areas that are designated for woodland restoration. We will start in patches of rough pasture by Oxhay Wood and Oxhay Meadows beyond Padley Chapel. Under the direction of Chris Milner (NT Ranger) we will plant trees such as oaks, hazel, holly, rowan, hawthorn and blackthorn. For this project we will apply to the Conservation Volunteers for supplies of trees (much of their funding for this comes from Green energy company, OVO).

Fund raising and future projects

The GTPG envisage further planting in spring 2022 and we are looking for suitable sites that are accessible to the community.

Although our bids for free trees have been successful so far, on-going maintenance and planting will require further funds. We are hugely appreciative of individuals and groups who have pledged donations so far. Thank you to the Grindleford Horticultural Society and Parish Council and individual donors.

We are planning a village Green Quiz as a fundraiser and virtual social event. Fancy running it anyone ??

There are lots of ways you can help. We would welcome ideas for future projects in and around the village. Most of all we need volunteers to come and get involved if they can, either with a spade and a pair of wellies or offering expertise, funds and enthusiasm. You are welcome to join our regular (short) Zoom meetings.

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