Grindleford Sports Day – Sunday 9th June

The Grindleford Games

Last year it was the less than traditional Decathlon. This year it’s more along the lines of ‘It’s A Knockout!’.  Are you up for the challenge?

Sunday 9th June at the Bishop’s Pavilion

1.00pm Let The Grindleford Games Begin

3.00pm Traditional Sprints

4.00pm Crowning Of The Carnival Queen

4.30pm A Village Game of Rounders for anybody still with energy to burn

The Games:

Wheelbarrow Racing – the old favourite

Shoe Golf – the new favourite!

Wet Wellies – it’s a secret…

Slow Cycling – for those who prefer life at a slower pace.

Water Balloon Catching – waterproofs provided.

Limbo – stretcher provided.

And the sprints of course.

Oh, and Rounders…


Teams Of two – any age combination (bigger age difference = more points)

Pick up a score card on the day, one per team of two, and follow the instructions.


The Games – Top 3 teams

Sprints: Girls & Boys: PreSchool / 5&6 / 7&8 / 9&10 / 11-14 / 15+ & Family