Grindleford Sports Day & Great British Picnic

Grindleford Sports Day & Great British Picnic
An Olympic Family Decathlon

Sunday 10th June
1.30pm Start Sports
3.00pm 100m Sprints
4.00pm Crown The Carnival Queen & Decathlon Prize Giving
4.30pm Tug Of War practice*
5.00pm Family Rounders for anybody wanting to stay on
Bring picnics and gazebos.

We’ve taken the 10 traditional Decathlon events and given them a fun twist to make them suitable for all ages.
Pick up a score card on the day (one per person – Mum’s and Dad’s too!) and pen, and follow the instructions.
Complete the first 9 events in any order you like. Gather for the 100m sprints at 3.00pm
Prizes: Girls & Boys: PreSchool / 5&6 / 7&8 / 9&10 / 11-14 / 15+ & Family

400 Metres = Two circuits of the field (follow the cones)
1500 Metres = 100 Metre obstacle race (sack, egg and spoon, bean bag)
110m Hurdles = 30 Metres jumping bales of hay
Javelin = Foam Javelin
Discus = Welly Wanging
Shotput = Basketball Hoop Shooting
Long Jump = Standing Long Jump
High Jump = Limbo
Pole Vault = Triple Jump (Hop, Skip & Jump)
100m = 100m Sprint (at 3.00pm)

*On Carnival day – Sat 16th June – there will be a Tug Of War competition with prizes (mixed teams of up to 5, over 16’s only)