Grindleford Shop Gets New Lease

Some good news on this cold and interesting morning.  The Peak Park Planning Authority have granted us planning permission to continue operating in the church vestry for another five years.  I have a letter printed on salmon pink paper to prove it!

This is fantastic news because without it, and in view of the current lack of other possible premises, we would have had to close our doors, which would have been a real shame bearing in mind that trade picked up over the summer and we seem to be getting a small name for ourselves amongst the walkers and cyclists.

Forty of you took the time to respond to the Peak Park supporting the application.  I read through every single one of them and it was really heartwarming to see all the nice things you said, and the enthusiasm and good will which came through.  I don’t think any of us would say that it has all been plain sailing but comments like these confirm that it has been worth it, and we have a lovely little shop there under the trees and by the river, where the kingfishers dart and….  well, you get the idea.  (I have actually never seen a kingfisher, darting or otherwise, but that’s another story).

Thanks so much to everyone, and particularly Peter Tregenza who put a lot of work into the application.  And thank you also to the PCC, first for letting us use the vestry and second for getting Diocesan permission to continue, which was equally as important as the Peak Park planning.

While here, I might also mention that due to popular request we are now stocking custard powder and stock cubes.  What with the  events going on on the other side of the Atlantic, this sentence has a certain Archers feel to it, but it’s true, we are, so at least there need be no more custard crises within the borders of Grindleford.

best wishes from us at the shop

Sarah and Andrew