Grindleford Playing Field Association 200 Club

Grindleford Playing Field Association 200 Club

The Playing Field Association decided round about 1978 to form a “100”club to help finance the development of the then new playing field. This venture was so successful that the club was soon expanded to become a “150” club and later expanded yet again to be a “200” club. The subscription is one pound a month, or twelve pounds per annum paid either in cash or preferably by standing order.

The club over the years has helped raise considerable amounts of much needed money to help with the maintenance of the Bishop pavilion, the play area and the field itself. Whilst most of the mowing, sweeping and general cleaning is done by volunteers considerable expense is incurred such as fuel and service to mowing equipment, cleaning, decorating and other consumables used around the buildings and field. We are proud of our facilities and want to keep them up to standard.

“The modus operandi” of the club is that by way of a monthly draw (at the Playing field meeting) usually of four £10 chances, an annual carnival day draw of four £25 and a Christmas draw of £200, £100, and £50 (at the Pie & pea supper) thereby half the monies collected are returned to members by way of prizes. These prizes of course have to be reviewed annually to reflect the number of members contributing. The club is regulated by rules approved by the national lottery and amusement act.

The club never quite reached two hundred members and has slowly declined over the years now standing at around one hundred and thirty members. I have been involved from the outset of the club mainly enrolling new members, collecting subs and performing the banking etc. Various members of the committee both past and present have administered the club over the years and any clerical help in this direction would be greatly appreciated. It was proposed that we, the committee, have a concerted effort to get more people to join the club, particularly those who enjoy the facilities of Bridge field and the Bishop Pavilion. We realize that quite a number of people, particularly newcomers to the village are unaware of the club due to lack of publicity on our part. If however, you are willing to join please phone me on 01433631245 or call at The Old Post Office and Mary or myself will sign you up to be a member.

John Morton