Grindleford Christmas Quiz Answers


With the Grindleford Christmas Quiz issued in the Grindleford News on 20 Jan (at least that’s when mine arrived), the three weeks is now up, so the deadline for entries has now passed.

Which means I can provide you with the answers if you e-mail me at and ask me for a copy. 🙂

Thanks to everyone who had a go at it – and especially thanks to all of you who sent your answers in, since it’s only by getting answers back that I can (1) aim the standard appropriately for next time and (2) confirm that people are getting use from it, to make it worth publishing again in future.


The top three marks, out of a total of 293, were:

#1: 284 – Rosalie and Peter Taylor, Surrey

#2: 270 – Rob Williamson, Grindleford

#3: 264 – Karen and Ian Broster, Yorkshire

There weren’t any questions than nobody could do.

Well done to my parents for winning again, and to Rob for getting the top mark in the village 🙂 Second in the village was Derek Ward with a highly commendable 244/293, and third in Grindleford were the Sampsons with 221/293.

Look out for one later this year for Christmas 2013 – if you want to get one e-mailed to you just before Christmas, to save waiting for the Grindleford News, just e-mail me and let me know.

Simon Taylor