Grindleford Christmas Quiz 2012

The Grindleford Christmas Quiz 2012 is being finalised.

It will be included in the next edition of the Grindleford Newsletter, saving me some delivery effort which is most handy.

I’m not exactly sure yet when the Grindleford Newsletter will come out, but I’ll make sure the deadline for entries is at least three weeks after its distribution to give you all time to have a go and get suitably stuck 😉

If you can’t wait till then, you can get an early copy from me direct. E-mail me at and I can provide you a copy on e-mail (or give me your address if it’s in the village and I can pop a printed copy through your letterbox).

If I’ve got your details from you entering last year, then I’ll try to make sure I get you an early copy without you needing to ask first 😀

I expect to distribute it from 15 December onwards. Good luck!