Grindleford Auction Of Promises

Exciting event coming up – Grindleford Village Shop’s ‘Auction of Promises’!

 On the 29th of June, Grindleford Village Shop committee are holding an ‘Auction of Promises’ in the Sir William Hotel. For those of you who have never been to such an event, this is an opportunity for you to bid for a promise made by another. These promises can vary, from a weekend in a holiday cottage (could anyone make a promise of this? See details below!) to a basket of ironing. The auction begins at 8pm, led by a variety of village auctioneers, and entry is free!

In order to make this event happen, we need your support. We are looking to raise at least 200 promises from the village and we are sure that you have lots to offer!

  • Do you have a skill or a trade? Are you, for example, a joiner, stonemason, cleaner, beautician, potter,dressmaker, jewellery maker, artist, tree surgeon, lion tamer? Could you offer a hand crafted item, a tutorial or a couple of hours of labour? Are you a local business who could offer something?
  • Could you offer an experience that others would want to bid for? For example, a visit to a farm, a stay in a holiday cottage, a massage, a round of golf, a ride in a classic car, a family nature walk?
  • Could you offer a car wash, two hours of gardening, a 1lb of home grown leeks, a Victoria sponge?

All promises, both large and small, will be gratefully received. To log your promise, please visit

We are planning to release a booklet of all the promises in advance, so you can plan your purchases or bidding strategies!

Finally… this can only work if we have lots of people at the Sir William on the night, bidding for the promises! So book the date in your diary if you want to see a shop in your village! If you would like to bid for a lot, but can’t make the night, please contact either Diane or Becky Harby who will arrange for a bid to be made on your behalf.

Thank you in anticipation of your promises and your bids.