Eyam Road Update

Have copied and pasted this from the latest shop email in case you didn’t get it.

There is word from our neighbours in Eyam that there is to be a County Council Public Consultation Meeting to discuss the future of New Road that runs from Eyam to Grindleford. It is possible that the council favour closing the road a) to walkers & cyclists and b) ultimately permanently closing it. The Councillors will be at the Church Centre in Eyam on Tuesday, November 3rd, between 3pm and 8pm and people who have an opinion about the future of the road and access to both villages, their facilities and the increase in traffic up and down Sir William Hill Rd should try to attend. The meeting has not been publicised widely and although I’m sure some of you will know of it, I’m just letting others know. Please pass the information on. Eyam Parish Council, who also have an interest in the future of the road and its importance to the village will be in The Mechanics at the same time on the 3rd of November to put forward their point of view.